Joel Semanko, CDRE

Location: Mount Vernon, WA

Joel Semanko is the Owner/Broker of Semanko Realty Group. He has over eleven years of experience with residential, foreclosures, estate and divorce settlement home sales. As a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert, he is proficient in the sale of real property in Family Law cases with a specialization in precise market valuations. Mr. Semanko is a neutral third party with extensive knowledge, skill, training, education and experience in handling sensitive and complex real estate transactions in divorce, including domestic violence, custody issues and uncooperative spouses. In addition, Mr. Semanko also has 25 years’ experience in property management, advertising, sales and acquisitions of real property in the Metro Seattle and surrounding Puget Sound region. He is fully versed and proficient with all aspects of Real Estate property disposition and management. Over the course of his career, Mr. Semanko personally has sold over 425 homes representing in excess of 200 million in real property sales. His guiding principle is: “Wisdom is knowing the right path to take. Integrity is taking it.” Joel Semanko’s credentials include the coveted Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert -CDRE™ certification from The ilumni™ Institute. This credential requires over 50 hours of in-class face-to-face instruction and six months of documented continuing education by multiple, real estate professionals, prominent family law attorneys specific to real property matters and those issues involved in a divorce. As an author and experienced public speaker, Joel is known for his natural teaching, training and outreach efforts in the community. His natural marketing instinct and neutrality have earned him the respect of his clients, colleagues and friends.