Apr 18 - 30 2021

Master Course April 2021

Become a CDRE™

Take Your Real Estate Career to the Next Level with Our Master Course

  1. Join a Community of Change Makers
  2. Become Qualified to Work Alongside Attorneys
  3. Grow a Shift-Proof Business
  4. Unlock Your Full Potential

Who Should Get Certified?

  •    Experienced agents with a track record of success
  •    Problem solvers who thrive on mitigating and resolving conflict
  •    Leaders of teams who want to add a division of specialty to their portfolio
  •    Professionals seeking to evolve from salesperson to subject matter authority

What You Get with a CDRE™

The CDRE™ program is real estate based, family law immersion designed to reach mastery in the niche. In the program, you implement and execute the Ilumni methods of building a lawyer-based divorce real estate business.

  • Five Day In Person Course
  • Six-Month Virtual Apprenticeship
  • Active Role Play and Masterminds
  • Group Coaching with a Dedicated Faculty Mentor
  • 12 Week Business Builder
  • Monthly Lessons and Workshops
  • Listing in CDRE™ Directory
  • Attorney Marketing Campaigns
  • Private CDRE™ Community Facebook Group
  • Semi-Annual Live CDRE™ Masterminds
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Ilumni Institute

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