Whether you want to serve the occasional divorce that emerges from your sphere or make divorce a core part of your mission, we’re here to help. Choose your path based on your passion and level of experience. 

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The Divorce

Real Estate and Lending Mastermind



Anyone interested in getting connected  while learning about divorce real estate and lending




Connect with others in the divorce real estate realm

Interact with members of Ilumni and the Divorce Lending Assocation

Be the first to know about new programs, webinars, and other announcements

Get access to resources that will help serve and grow your business


The Ilumni Institute and Divorce Lending Association Teams 

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You want to learn more about divorce real estate you want to join our community. 



The Divorce Niche Bootcamp



Agents who want to develop their skills and ability to work in the divorce real estate niche




Learn the Law

If you don't understand family law fundamentals, you'll be trying to grow a business in the dark. We shine the light on what you need to know today about the law - and how you plug into the system.

Master the Listing​

Who are you modeling after? Choose the best! Laurel Starks walks you through her proven divorce listing protocol. Divorce listings are complex and many fail - we teach you to close.

Grow Your Business ​

Get more listings from your database by developing your custom divorce touch program. By the end of this class, you'll have the toolkit needed to nurture your database, build your business, and closing more listings.

Faculty Instructors:

Shelly Jean John, Esq.

Laurel Starks, Founder - Ilumni

This Might Be For You If…

You want to start getting referrals, we give you the tools to convert them into clients and successfully close divorce listings.  

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On Demand Course

CDRE™ Certification

OUR FLAGSHIP PROGRAM: Master Course followed by a 6 month apprenticeship


Experienced agents who want to be in the top 1% of divorce real estate agents nationally

Tuition Schedule:

First Installment: $3,995

Spring of 2022 - $1,500/month



The CDRE™ Certification program helps you stand out in a sea of Realtors. You’ll spend more time building ever-lasting relationships with professionals who respect you.

Marketing & Tools

The Ilumni framework helps Realtors ramp up, fast. Becoming a CDRE™ through Ilumni ensures you will have all of the tools and assets to get results.

Support & Community

Plugging into our industry-leading community, led by our Ilumni attorney-faculty, will keep you sharp, empowered, and unstoppable

Faculty Instructors:

All members of Ilumni faculty teach, support and mentor Master students

This Might Be For You If…

You want to form a new division in your business, create a reputation in the family law community that will reward you for years to come.

Upcoming Course Dates

Master Course 2 Week Intensive

Spring of 2022

Followed by a 6 month apprenticeship