Lisa Proechel, CDRE

Location: St Paul, MN

Lisa Proechel is an expert in the field of divorce real estate, serving as a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE). She has a proven record of navigating complex transactions; diving into the specific details of each while using her experience to unwind challenging issues. Ms. Proechel’s experience includes rigorous training in the family law legal process, divorce finance, conflict management, unbiased communication, and a specialized divorce listing process. She is also experienced in foreclosure sales, enabling her to serve divorcing clients who are facing unique challenges in listing their home. Ms. Proechel takes the time to understand the issues and opportunities involved in each unique transaction, and communicates any concerns with all parties involved to ensure that the property is neutrally and well represented. Additionally, Ms. Proechel provides fair market valuations, expert testimony and serves as a resource for family law attorneys.