Heart of Texas Team

Gary Hill, CDRE™

Location: Greater Austin Area

Gary Hill is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert™ handling the sale of real property in family law cases. With 12 years of experience as a licensed REALTOR® in the Austin, Texas area, and more than 35 years of experience in high-tech engineering and sales management, Gary has a proven track record of successful problem solving and negotiation skills.

His vast international experience working with corporations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East has resulted in superb global communication skills, which he applies to all his client interactions. In fact, his focus on customer service has been Gary’s greatest competitive strength, having helped sellers and buyers with more than $50M in real estate sales — with a 100% client satisfaction rating. 

As Gary’s expertise has matured, he’s taught classes in decision-making, contract negotiations, and other real estate related-topics at his brokerage to assist other agents to fast-track their businesses. As a CDRE, Mr. Hill acts as a neutral and unbiased third party to help divorcing homeowners navigate often sensitive and complex real estate transactions.

Kellie Kriss, CDRE™

Location: Greater Austin Area

Kellie Kriss is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert™ handling the sale of real property in family law cases. With extensive experience in home sales, Kellie is well-versed in building effective relationships with clients to achieve desired outcomes,  expand connections, and deliver strategic solutions for both new and experienced home buyers.

Kellie’s experience helping divorcing couples with real estate matters highlights her ability to assess the unique personalities, motivations, and relationship dynamics. Her ability to adapt and tailor communication and negotiating styles based on each individual creates an atmosphere where both parties feel acknowledged and respected. 

Kellie’s passion for the divorce real estate niche comes from a desire to serve her clients to the highest and best. Family Law introduces a challenging component to real estate transactions that need to be addressed professionally and with specific tools and training. In addition, Kellie’s passion for and deep experience in volunteer work — especially with young children — makes her uniquely positioned to appreciate and empathize with families who are in distress because of divorce or other upheaval.